is a new international medical social network. A distinctive feature of our social network is that users of our website are medical specialists. Therefore, our social network is the best platform to promote clinics, medical services and goods, and it is available to everyone - from a private doctor and small family businesses to a large international company. We offer advertising only in the slider that is located at the top of all pages of a certain language section of the website.

The cost of advertising in the slider is $ 100/month per slide. The size of the slider is 1600/300. It is possible to attach the text of up to 3 pages (up to 1500 words) and up to 8 pictures that may be opened by clicking on the appropriate slide.

If you want to place the ad in the slider, please send us the following data by e-mail to


1. Photo of a slide** of 1600/300 pixels in size (22.22 / 4.0 inches or 56.44 / 10 cm).

2. Ad title

3. Ad text and additional photos*


* Photo should be of high resolution and good quality.

* If there are any difficulties with the selection of the picture size, you can send it to us without pre-editing.

* Text and additional photos are not a prerequisite

* If you want to redirect all clicks to your personal website or the website of the relevant advertiser, please paste a link to that website in the e-mail.


Payment for the ad shall be made to our bank account indicated below. We place the ad only after an advance payment.


Our bank details


For any questions regarding the advertising, please send an e-mail to Our staff will answer all your questions within 15 minutes.